DESMI Rotan - Proven Technology

Cooperation on exclusive basis with the worl wide leader in production of internal gear pumps - DESMI Rotan is big improovement of the PS Flowtech Group activities and overall posibilities for our clients base. DESMI Rotan products allows us to entrance ATEX applications or application in petrochemical industry and rafineries where API designed pumps are necessary. 

On the meeting organized in January 2017 in the hart of Czech Republic, Prague agreed PS Flowtech Group represented by CEO Przemyslaw Szypica and DESMI Rotan management represented by Ricky Frampton on wide cooperation within several countries such as Czech republic, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Hungary and Turkey. Ricky Frampton said: " I am proud of the cooperation with PS Flowtech Group in eastern countries where DESMI's influence on the market was in the past weak. Cooperation with well known partner PS Flowtech Group in the above mentioned countries with future plans to cover also Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia makes from PS Flowtech Group a key partner for DESMI."

Przemyslaw Szypica said: "It is in fact a honor for us to represent technically and also commercially brand such as DESMI is. DESMI which history beginns already in 1834 in Danmark, is the real worldwide leader of gear pumps and centrifugal pump for marine applications.  wise Je pro nás ctí, zastupovat technickou podporu a prodej pro produkty společnosti DESMI, které historie sahá až do roku 1834. DESMI's development, precision, quality and customers support, together with PS Flowtech Group knowledge of local markets is a combination which guaranties our success on this markets. At the same time new possibilities and opportunities arises for our team not only in Bitumens sector, Oil&Gas, Food sector such as production chocolate and many others." 


DESMI, Ricky Frampton: "Philosophy and experience of our companies are very similar, talking about applications fileds and also general knowledge of pump, this ensures me PS Flowtech Group will provide excellent service to the enduser. New cooperation with PS Flowtech Group enlarges herewith our global distribution network, we improove our position following global thinking but with all respect to strategies and needs of specific local markets. Our pumps are mostly used on complicated applications where the liquid is corrosive, chemically agressive or very viscous. PS Flowtech Group long experience and wide portfolio on the local markets makes them very different from others, it makes the unique, with unique position. Unique company with uniqui position on the market is exactly what also DESMI is. We are very happy to have such a partner and believe it will bring alot of positive to our client."