• Life is Chemistry

    Team with 14 years of experience in chemical industry. 

    Spolchemie, Spolana, Synthesia, Paramo, Duslo, Fortischem

    a many other reference client under the care of our collegues.

  • Food & Beverages

    Ambrox, the member of PS Flowtech Group,

    Your certified partner in food industry.

    Safety, cleanliness, reliability and low operating costs.

  • Engineering - Efficient & Exact

    PS Flowtech Group, "Three times E" for Engineering,

    Exact, Efficient design of complete units from the 

    position of general contractor.

  • Pharmaceutical industry & Cosmetics

    Certified equipment following EHEDG, FDA or 3A

    for the most critical applications in pharmaceutical industry

    and cosmetics.


  • Energy

    Efficiency and safety by us supplied

    equipment on first place.


  • Wright Flow Technologies. The absolute solution in Lobe & Circumferential pumps production. Exceptional engineering and manufacturing quality. Increase your expectations!

  • SERO Pump Systems GmbH v exkluzivním zastoupení společností Ambrox s.r.o. v Čechách a na Slovensku.

  • DESMI Rotan is big improovement of the PS Flowtech Group activities and overall posibilities for our clients base. DESMI Rotan products allows us to entrance ATEX applications or application in petrochemical industry and rafineries where API designed pumps are necessary. 


Ambrox s.r.o. - member of PS Flowtech Group

PS Flowtech Group started their activities already in year 2000 focussed onto the production, realization and distribution of complete technological solutions, components such as pumps, heat exchanger, homogenizers etc. The Group provide also complete packagi of service solutions, diagnostics and optimalization of the production costs and technical solutions at site. With the network of Group member in Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Russia a Bulgaria, PS the PS Flowtech Group provides its services all around Middle Europe, Eastern Europe, West Asia countries and Russia. 

AMBROX as the PS Flowtech Group member follows stricktly the group princips and strategies which is to provide reliable products and professional services. We provide customers with reliable solutions tailored to the application, operation needs and possibilities of the customer. Warranty secices or preventive servicing and diagnostics are commonplace.